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Merlin & Associates is a global provider of on-site management development seminars.


Merlin & Associates meets the training needs of the business world, from entry-level employees to top-level executives to self-employed professionals.


Trainers and Consultants in Performance Improvement

Seminars and Workshops

Communication Course Descriptions


Communicating Effectively with Others (CEO) (1 day)
This workshop focuses on ways to improve communication skills. Participants learn practical strategies for making themselves better understood and for better understanding others. The learning process involves active participation. Varieties of exercises are used to help put into practice effective communication techniques for specific situations.

Understanding Yourself and Others (1 day)
The title “leader” does not automatically make you a great leader. A great leader (one who sets the vision, establishes direction, aligns people, motivates, inspires and has integrity) first requires that you place a strong value on people. That value must continually be cultivated. This course uses proven, scientific tools to identify behavioral types, which will provide you with a foundation for understanding yourself and others so you can cultivate that value.

Dealing with Dinosaurs (1 day)
Control your temper! Hold your feelings back! Why is he/she so difficult to work with? This one-day workshop is designed to enable participants to identify ten major types of dinosaurs (difficult behavior). Rather than wishing people were not so difficult, participants will learn how to effectively cope with different behavior types in a business environment.

Working as a Team (1 day)
Teamwork means all employees in a work unit working cooperatively as a group to accomplish organizational goals. Individuals or a "group" of individuals may seem to perform, but team approaches to the same challenges can double or even triple productivity. In building a strong team, the team approach must become the philosophy permeating and underlying every situation in the work environment. This workshop improves team communication and performance by helping participants understand behavior styles to improve communication and problem solving and develop steps for improving conflict resolution.

Business Writing Skills (2 days)
The focal point of this workshop is to provide tips and techniques on how to write business correspondence including letters, memos, emails, and reports. Participants learn the correct formats and usage for each of the types of written communication. Grammar skills are also reviewed.

Business Presentations (2 days)
Standing up in front of others and speaking ranks as one of the most anxiety producing activities in business. However, if you learn proper techniques, you can overcome the fear and give presentations that get results. This program helps you achieve your results by projecting the right image and knowing how to prepare/perform/persuade.