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Merlin & Associates is a global provider of on-site management development seminars.


Merlin & Associates meets the training needs of the business world, from entry-level employees to top-level executives to self-employed professionals.


Trainers and Consultants in Performance Improvement

Professional Effectiveness  Course Descriptions

Time Management: Juggling Priorities (2 days)
Could you use more time each day to complete your priorities? Would you like to be more accessible to your coworkers and have more time to yourself without having to put in longer hours? This workshop emphasizes practical, realistic strategies for managing time despite the many demands placed on people everyday. Participants will learn how to make each minute of their day count.

Creative Stress Management (1 day)
This workshop explores both stress and distress and how they affect individuals and organizations. Techniques are provided to improve personal well-being and effectiveness and to produce a more distress-free work setting. Particular emphasis is on relaxation and other mental techniques for control of physical effects of stress.

Lighten Up: Humor in the Workplace (2-3 hours)
This fun filled, two- to three-hour workshop looks at three viewpoints of humor in the workplace. The first viewpoint deals with how using humor can reduce stress and make you feel better by releasing chemicals (endorphins) that act as a natural tranquilizer. In the second viewpoint, we discuss how humor can help you advance your career by improving morale and productivity of a business unit. The final viewpoint is how a sense of humor can improve your interpersonal communication skills with your colleagues. The theme throughout the workshop is that humor can change your perspective of yourself and your job; therefore, lighten up!

Improving Your Job Performance (1 day)
Being an excellent employee means much more than just having to do job tasks; it means assuming responsibilities that will contribute significantly to the overall mission of the organization. In this workshop, participants will learn what additional abilities and skills are needed to be a more productive employee.

Controlling Your Destiny: Career Planning & Transitioning (3 days)
When it becomes necessary to search for a new job/career, one needs to know what employers are looking for and how to apply for or create those jobs. In this workshop, participants learn the necessary skills of job searching: determining career interests, resume writing, networking, interviewing, negotiating for the job and compensation packages.

Seminars and Workshops