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Merlin & Associates is a global provider of on-site management development seminars.


Merlin & Associates meets the training needs of the business world, from entry-level employees to top-level executives to self-employed professionals.


Trainers and Consultants in Performance Improvement

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Many training-related products will be offered on this page in the near future.

The Masters of Success is a collection of groundbreaking interviews filled with information and inspiration to help you succeed in business and in life. The 17 experts interviewed, including Darlene Carver, offer tips, techniques, stories, and illustrations in a conversational style that will enable you to live your life as a "master of success."
Published by Insight Publishing, 2005. (Softcover, 232 pages.) $19.95

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"Training isn't expensive ... untrained employees are."
                  – Cecile Marie,                         Inscape distributor